Wine Cellar

Located downstairs, in what was once the basement of the old home that Vallozzi’s was built and expanded upon, the Wine Cellar offers privacy and coziness in abundance.This dining area is exactly what the name implies – it is part of our award winning collection of wines; it is adjacent to our actual wine storage area and is considered a private dining area. While there are a few storage racks in the actual dining space, most of our inventory is stored in the gated, adjacent room! While private, our managers do access the actual Wine Cellar, throughout the day and night to retrieve guests requested wines for their meal – so it is a working Wine Cellar.

It is ideal for any function that is smaller in size; it can accommodate up to 16 people, but groups of 10 or less work best. Business, social, celebratory or family functions can all be enjoyed in the tastefully appointed, dining area. Iron gates, a stone wall, hand-painted murals and stocked wine racks all set the tone for your Wine Cellar experience.

Available by reservation only, you can contact us to find out more about our Wine Cellar!

Wine CellarWine CellarWine CellarWine Cellar