Rosso Bianco

Casa Elena Considered by many as a place to see and be seen, Rosso Bianco offers the most upbeat, contemporary dining experience of all of Vallozzi’s dining rooms.  The room boasts a relaxed, casual atmosphere that highlights the high energy of this room. Our 14-seat, hand made maple and olive wood bar as well as wine racks add elements of both tasteful décor and pizzazz as our bar staff prepare libations, act as baristas and serve food to our guests.  Flat screen, high-definition televisions sit to either side of the room, allowing the viewing of sporting events and the like easy to enjoy. 

Whether you’re here to enjoy pizza and cocktails or lobster and fine wine you are sure to enjoy Rosso Bianco.

Rosso BiancoRosso BiancoRosso BiancoRosso Bianco